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The Team you count on to stay competitive.

When you determine your organization is ready to compete in a global marketplace and timelines need to be short to market.

When additional resources/skills are needed to accomplish such projects and/or services.

We assist the small and medium organization in providing a unified team* for such projects and/or services.

We bring the two teams together to create one voice… team.

This is your facilitator….. defined as a person responsible for leading or coordinating the work of a group.

The role as facilitator between U.S. organizations and global outsourcing organizations is to create an electronic process which includes communication, planning and scheduling of milestones, individual tasks, and resources. To assist the organization in creating one unified team to develop software applications, perform maintenance and vendor relationships, which may include software, hardware, vendor, 3rd party and service provider testing.

*The offshore organization you have contracted with.

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